门尺寸:26.3" x16.5"
表面处理: 黑色防锈粉末喷涂

*Durable Iron Material with Rust-Resistant Coating: Our pet wire fence is constructed from sturdy iron material and features a rust-resistant coating. This ensures its longevity and extends the lifespan of the fence, even when exposed to outdoor elements.
*Automatic Gravity Locking Mechanism: The fence is equipped with an automatic gravity locking mechanism that allows for smooth opening and closing of the gate. It also reduces the chances of your pets unlocking the gate on their own, providing added security and peace of mind.
*Floor Protection and Rust Prevention: The design of the fence includes a pipe plug that can be placed on the ground to protect the floor and prevent rusting inside the pipes. This feature not only safeguards your flooring but also enhances the stability of the fence.
*Versatile Shape Options: Our pet wire fence can be easily configured into different shapes according to your specific needs. Whether you require a circular, rectangular, or custom shape, the fence can adapt to create a suitable enclosure for your pets.
*Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Our pet wire fence is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you need to create a secure space for your pets inside your home or establish a boundary in your garden, this fence is versatile enough to meet your requirements. Additionally, it can be easily moved and reinstalled as needed.
*Easy Installation: Setting up our pet wire fence is a straightforward process. Simply connect the ground stakes to each panel, and you're ready to create a safe and enclosed space for your pets. The installation requires minimal effort and time, providing convenience for pet owners.