自定义 8'x10'合页门户外储藏室-炭黑色





    8 x 10英尺户外储物棚,金属场棚,垃圾桶清理,带可锁门的预制房屋,适合于花园露台室外多功能棚,炭黑

    包裹1:69 * 20 * 4inch 毛重:114lbs 净重:106lbs

    包裹2:69 * 24 * 4inch 毛重:90lbs 净重:78lbs


    宽敞的储物棚】:内部尺寸为282 x 236 x 199 cm,这个大型金属棚提供了一个理想的户外存储解决方案,可以存放割草机、自行车、童车、游泳池设备等,帮助释放更多的居住空间,同时使物品保持良好的状态。

    坚固耐用】:采用耐候镀锌金属板,顶部由3根顶梁加固,底部由地钉固定,此产品坚固耐用,可承受强风和烈日。三角形屋顶允许雨水和融化的积雪流下来,而不用担心顶部倒塌。【可锁的门和通风】:2扇门,宽141.5 cm,高157.5 cm,可以让您轻松进出,当您不在家时可以安全地锁上。2个内置通风窗确保良好的空气流通。


    易于组装】:所有部件包装良好,贴有标签。根据详细的使用手册,2名成人可以轻松搭建此储物棚。赠送2双手套,确保安装安全。组装后尺寸为 303 x 248 x 204 cm.





    颜色:炭黑色 + 白色

    材质:0.25mm彩钢板 + 0.4mm镀锌铁板

    整体尺寸:303L x 248W x 204H cm.

    内部尺寸:282L x 236W x 199H cm

    门框尺寸:141.5W x 157.5H cm

    占地面积:7.54 平方米

    净重:83.75 kg


    8 x 10 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed, Metal Yard Shed for Tools, Garbage Can Clearance, Prefab House w/ Lockable Doors, Garden, Patio, Outside Utility, Carbon Black


    Roomy Interior Storage】: With an inner measured 111.04"L x 92.91"W x 78.35"H, this large metal shed offers an ideal outdoor solution to store your mower, bicycle, kids ride-on car, pool equipment, etc, helping free up more home space while keeping things in good condition.

    Sturdy and Durable】: Made of galvanized steel, reinforced with 3 top beams, and fixed with ground screws, the metal house is sturdy to withstand strong wind and burning sun. The gable roof allows rain and melted snow to flow down, without worrying about collapsing.

    Lockable Door and Vents】: 2 doors measuring 55.71"W x 62.02"H allow you to walk in and out easily and can be safely locked when you are not home. 2 built-in vents ensure excellent air circulation.

    Versatile for Any Purpose】: This prefab house can be used not only as a storage shed for tools, but also as a warm pet shelter, a DIY studio, or a tidy garbage collection chamber. Suitable for gardens, patios, backyards, etc.

    Easy to Assemble】: All parts are well packed and labeled. According to the detailed manual, 2 adults can set up the storage shed easily. 2 pairs of gloves are included for safe installation. The assembled size of 119.31"L x 97.64"W x 80.31"H.


    Note: This product will be delivered in 2 packages. If one arrives earlier, please wait patiently for the other.



    Color: Carbon Black + White

    Material: Color Steel + Galvanized Iron Sheet

    Overall Size: 119.31"L x 97.64"W x 80.31"H

    Door Frame Size: 55.71"W x 62.02"H

    Inner Size: 111.04"L x 92.91"W x 78.35"H

    Occupied Area: 80 sq. ft.

    Net Weight: 184.7 lbs